Fitness for Women

Exercise - Nutritional advice - Pilates

We know our Club is great but don’t take our word for it! Hear what our Members have to say:

*‘What do you get if you cross a gym membership, the watchful eye of a personal trainer and a good gossip with friends?  You get Fitness for Women. I have belonged to gyms before but never stuck with it because it was so impersonal and lacked accountability. I have now been going to this gym for 18 months and still look forward to it every time.  I am 48 years old but stronger and fitter than I was in my thirties. So glad I gave it a go.’ Kelley Hunt

*‘I realised I needed to do some form of exercise not only for my expanding waistline and issues with my back but also for my sanity due to a hectic life with a full time job and a 2 year old. I needed something for me. In 10 months I have lost 20lbs and 22 inches. I feel stronger and fitter than ever and love to find time to fit a quick workout into my day. This is the best thing I have ever done and wish I had found this hidden gem years ago. I love it!’ Sarah Carruthers

*‘I joined Fitness for Women because it ticked all the boxes: fast 30-minute workouts, no mirrors and no men. It’s a warm, friendly atmosphere with lots of laughter. The staff give encouragement and are always available. I am fitter, healthier,have lost weight and my self-confidence is back!’ Marilyn Horwell

*‘Having been to many gyms prior to joining "Fitness for Women", I was doubtful at the lack of typical gym equipment (no treadmills etc.). However, after only few months, my body has changed, my fitness levels have increased, and my goals achieved. Julie is one of the most motivated and upbeat people that I have ever met. She knows exactly how to encourage me, push me, entertain me, and distract me. She helped me understand the importance of correct form. When I couldn’t manage something, she always provides a variation that allows me to build up to the full exercise. As a result, within a short time, I lost weight, started eating more healthily, feel more energetic and look better.’ Pooja Rathore

*‘I've never enjoyed exercise so much- it's fun, fast fitness and I'm already feeling and seeing the benefits.’ Beth Wilson

*‘After having a hip replacement at the age of 55, I stopped exercising and steadily put on weight. A friend told me about Fitness for Women and I gave it a try and have never looked back. With Julie and Lucy’s (and the other member’s) encouragement and support, I have built up my fitness level and I’ve now lost 19” and 24lbs! I am so proud of what I’ve achieved. I’m much happier in myself and more confident. Now approaching my 60th birthday, I feel fitter and healthier than I did at 50 or even 40 thanks to Julie, Lucy and me!’ Helen Dixon

*‘This is a great place to go to get fit with support. Having joined after having a baby and not exercising for a while, this place has helped me get back to prioritising time for myself.’ Fran Pollard

*‘I was diagnosed with Sciatica and it was so bad some days I couldn't even get out of bed- even putting my shoes on was a nightmare. My asthma got so bad I was huffing and puffing. I had a trial and thought I can do this 3 times a week. I'm 3 weeks in and my goodness, do I feel better. I caught myself walking up the stairs and realised I wasn't dragging my leg!! I can now do a whole session without my inhaler and my colour is coming back. I am beginning to feel like ME again!’ Sue Stevens

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from client to client