Fitness for Women

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After a summer of eating, drinking and socialising, September is an opportunity to set new goals-fitness goals, health goals, work goals, relationship goals, goals for your kids…and to get back to a healthier routine and regular exercise.

After seeing those holiday photos many women get motivated to take control. However, some will embark on silly fad diets. DON’T! It only sabotages your body in the long run. There’s no magic to losing weight. It takes exercise and healthier eating. A huge part of losing weight is believing you can do it and realising it’s not going to happen overnight.

At Fitness for Women, Egham’s Fitness & Pilates Studio, we offer a sensible approach to fitness and weight loss and there’s always motivating staff to help you reach your goals. Our 30 minute strength training circuit is fun and fast with great results.

For over 13 years we have been helping women of all ages, sizes and fitness levels become fitter, stronger, more confident and healthier for life. Women who have never stuck to a gym routine in the past have found that Fitness for Women works for them and they keep coming back for more! As one member commented:  “What do you get if you cross a gym membership, the watchful eye of a personal trainer and a good gossip with friends?  You get Fitness for Women. “

Many women find exercise boring or feel embarrassed or intimidated working out (especially if there are men present); others struggle to fit it into their busy lives. Fitness for Women, the alternative to a “traditional” gym, offers a workout that will change your view of exercise forever. Our philosophy is, if you’re having fun when you work out, it won’t feel like a chore. Our dedicated team will help you stay on track by doing a monthly weigh and measure and body fat check. If we don’t see you for a while, we do call.

Our express workout is simple to start, effective enough to get quick results and challenging enough to stick to, and, since there are no set class times, busy women are able to squeeze a workout in when they have a gap in their schedule.

We are committed to providing affordable, one-stop exercise, motivational coaching and nutritional advice in ONE place. You can boost your metabolism, burn fat, increase your fitness and self-confidence AND have fun at the same time.

Getting the courage to walk through the door is often the hardest part but once you’re in the Club, you’ll discover the laughter, chat and sense of support is very different from other gyms you may have visited in the past! Book your FREE Fitness Trial on 01784 438866 and join the fun. Julie